Horizon Dental Insurance

Horizon Dental Insurance

No Tears Dental  gladly accepts Horizon  Dental insurance as well as other dental insurance plans. New and existing Horizon Dental customers entrust No Tears Dental  with their oral health care concerns because we prioritize the needs of our patients. Our faculty is committed to providing:

  • Reliable services
  • Comprehensive treatment and procedures
  • Care for all ages
  • Affordable treatment plans

Whether you are experiencing a toothache, are due for a dental check-up or have had a filling fall out, No Tears Dental  has everything you need. We also provide cosmetic dental services and smile makeovers. Every single patient of ours receives a comprehensive treatment plan detailing every procedure. We make sure to prepare an estimation of all benefits provided by their Horizon Dental insurance in order to ensure that our patients receive affordable care. We never include hidden fees and always make sure that you never have to guess about the cost or out of pocket expenses.


Dentist that Accepts Horizon Dental Insurance Plans

Most of our patients live near or around our No Tears Dental office in Somerset and Franklin Township. But that does not mean that we only accommodate those locations. We proudly accept all patients from anywhere in the New Jersey area that wish to receive quality dental care with their Horizon Dental Insurance plan. No Tears Dental  provides affordable oral health care for all age groups in our family-friendly facility. If you are unsure of the costs for a specific treatment, we will gladly explain all the benefits included with your Horizon dental insurance plan. Your visit will include a comprehensive examination. Prior to any dental treatment, we will verify your Horizon dental benefits with you.

Contact No Tears Dental  today to schedule your first appointment and enjoy reliable dental care from our trustworthy staff. Our front office personnel will happily answer any questions. Call us today at (732)509-9287.

Searching for high quality dental care? We know there are many choices when it comes to choosing the best dentist in Somerset New Jersey for you and your family. No Tears Dental Professionals is dedicated to providing the highest quality dentistry, utilizing the latest technology and oral health care techniques. We offer gentle general dentistry, advanced restorative, preventative and aesthetic dentistry in a contemporary, soothing environment. We pride ourselves in providing the best dental experience possible for our patients.


Are you missing one or more teeth and looking for a natural, comfortable, permanent means of restoring your smile? If so, consider dental implants. We specialize in Implant Dentistry for residents of Florida and New Jersey. The No Tears Dental team is highly skilled in dental restorations and reconstructive dentistry. Learn more about Implants here.

Interested in a fairly new cosmetic dental service called veneers? Veneers are very thin custom layers of porcelain that are sealed to the front teeth for the purpose of improving their shape and color. Results and improvement are often very dramatic, all from this very conservative treatment. The best part is barely any of the natural tooth enamel needs to be removed, sometimes none is removed at all. Learn more about Veneers here. Welcome to No Tears Dental Center in Franklin township Somerset New Jersey or Miami and Plantation Florida

Looking to restore those pearly whites? By far, teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure. Dental Whitening services fit within almost any budget and the results are quick, painless and easy. Teeth Whitening removes the stains caused from many foods and beverages (including berries, coffee, tea, red wine, etc). This stain removal whitens teeth back to their naturally white stage. Learn more about Teeth Whitening here.