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Tooth Extraction or Dental Extraction

Simple extractions are performed on teeth that are visible in the mouth, usually under local anesthesia.

Surgical extractions involve the removal of teeth that cannot be easily accessed. Wisdom tooth extractions are under this category. They have either broken under the gum line or have not erupted fully.


Removing Decay, Restoring Health

When teeth are broken or damaged by decay, dentists will attempt to preserve them by using fillings, crowns, root canals and other dental treatments. However, when damage is so severe that teeth are non-retrievable, they may be removed in order to preserve the health of the mouth and jaw bone. Patients requiring tooth extraction are encouraged to contact No Tears Dental to arrange a personal consultation.

Why Teeth are Removed

When a tooth has been severely damaged and no available treatment will cure the infection, it is important to remove the decaying unit from the mouth. Extraction will prevent infection from spreading to healthy teeth and gum tissue, and possibly damaging the supportive jaw bone underneath.

However, decay is not the only reason teeth are extracted. Some patients develop extra teeth, which cause painful dental crowding, and removing them is a method of relieving discomfort while maintaining the integrity of the jaw structure and bite. Similarly, surgical tooth extraction is often necessary to remove wisdom teeth that have become impacted.

The Tooth Extraction Procedure

The removal of fully developed teeth that are visible in the mouth, as opposed to wisdom teeth that may be wholly or partially hidden below the gum line, is referred to as a simple extraction. During this straightforward procedure, patients will likely feel pressure, but not pain. When you arrive for your tooth extraction at No Tears Dental, every measure will be taken to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

Making Extraction as Comfortable as Possible

Before removing a damaged tooth, our Dentist will take a series of x-rays to examine the root and jaw bone, and determine the best method of extraction. Doctor will then administer a local anesthetic to numb the tooth, gum and jaw area being treated. Based on your needs and preference, Doctor may order a deeper level of sedation to ensure your comfort and relaxation.


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